ALOM: Bringing Quality Solutions to Complex Global Business Challenges

Supply chain management is more complex than ever before because of technology and globalization. ALOM embraces the complexity as an opportunity to provide customers the quality they need to remain competitive.
By Valerie Gomez

Most companies would never market themselves as able to provide flawless products and services, but ALOM does not hesitate. ALOM provides technology-based flawless global supply chain execution services on five continents. Under the direction of President & CEO Hannah Kain, the company tackles some of the most complex supply chains by delivering customized and innovative services designed to get the right client products to the right market at the right time. For ALOM, success is based on delivering the highest quality contract manufacturing and order fulfillment services to customers so they can maintain a competitive advantage in a global business environment where constant change is the norm. Using a collaborative...

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