America’s Great Debate: Turning Away or Looking Forward?

Many people who are uncomfortable with the current political process like to point out that elections have often been raucous and sometimes mean-spirited. However, there is a new undercurrent in the nation that was not sparked by politics but is fed by public discussions that were once quietly held at seminars that only professionals attended or at universities and think tanks.

The discussions are on race and gender, delving deep into the dark corners of where people have traditionally whispered about their perspectives on affirmative action, hiring practices, and most recently, supplier diversity.

Politics may be expanding the topic of race and gender and pushing it into the limelight, but this is not a political debate in our opinion. The discussion goes so much deeper than equal pay for equal rights or the amount of spend a multinational should claim with diverse suppliers.

It is a great debate on whether people of different races, genders, disabi...

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