Ancient Foods of the Yucatan Peninsula with a Modern Twist

Mexican food evokes images of refried beans and tacos, but there are distinct regional differences. The cultural foods of the Yucatan Peninsula include unique recipes with a Mayan and European history.
By John Jacobs

Do you know what makes Mexican food … well … Mexican? There are Mexican restaurants in almost every city and town, and often the menus are similar from restaurant to restaurant. There are tacos, refried beans, burritos and other popular foods that make diners crave a "no. 7 combination plate."

The truth about Mexican food that has not been Americanized is that authentic Mexican food is varied because there are multiple regions throughout the country, and each region has a unique food culture.

The traditional Yucatan Peninsula food has its roots in the culture of the indigenous Mayan and was heavily influenced by European settlers. The result are foods that are diverse, unique and often surprising.

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