BMW Group and UNAOC Merge Diversity, Innovation and Intercultural Dialogue

The Intercultural Innovation Award finds and rewards the world’s innovators who advance initiatives for the good of global societies. - By Paul Lachhu

When the BMW Group started the Award for Intercultural Learning in 1997, the company was interested in recognizing, through funding, organizations that were driving innovation in Europe and the Mediterranean area. It was a way to take the company’s internal passion for diversity outside its walls. In 2010, BMW was approached by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) about forming a partnership that capitalized on the company’s award initiative. The new award was renamed the Intercultural Innovation Award in 2011 and expanded to become a global initiative. The goal of the initiative is to “select and support the most innovative grassroots projects that encourage intercultural dialogue and cooperation around the world.” Not-for-profit organizations are selected and get a small amount of funding,...

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