Building a Competitive Strategy Through Disruptive Innovation

Disruption is often considered a negative force that threatens business success. In an age of constant change, disruption has become a path to innovation.
By Belinda Jones

The average lifespan of a corporation in the S&P 500 is approximately 18 years, compared to 61 years in 1958. The shortening life of companies is largely a consequence of failing to anticipate and manage disruption. The businesses focus on the core operations and functions that are currently producing profit, in order to maintain today's business, limiting innovation to enhancements of current products and services.

When innovations from outside the organization appear, many generated by startups, current market share is lost forever or potential markets are never captured. A proposed solution is a business model that anticipates disruptive threats and generates transformative innovation through collaboration between large companies and startups. The collaboration is a blendin...

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