Discovering Unique Newfoundland Food on the Edge of North America

Newfoundland has always seemed like a far-off place for only the hardy. Now it's becoming a culinary destination because the food is as unique as the landscape.
By John Jacobs

Far from the madding crowd is Newfoundland, an east coast Canadian island with a story reaching back to ancient Paleo-Eskimos and roaming Vikings. There remains a certain aura embracing this large island that evokes an adventurous spirit in anyone who visits.

One of the truly unusual experiences is trying a variety of the unique, traditional recipes that use local ingredients. Each dish contains a touch of adventure to remind people that great countries and great cuisine are built because of the amazing adaptability and resourcefulness of people.

Even the names of the popular foods are a reminder that Newfoundland is unique in every way. There are foods like Figgy Duff, Jiggs Dinner, bakeapples, flipper pie, and so many other iconic foods and recipes found nowhere e...

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