Eating in the Blue Zones: Following the Longest Living People on Earth

There are places on earth where people live long, healthy lives – over 100 years old. Eat the way the nonagenarians do and perhaps you can become a centenarian.
— By John Jacobs

Age is just a number they say, but life can be short too unless you live in a Blue Zone. In Blue Zones, people live long lives. Living to be an octogenarian (80 years old or older) is partly due to living in a low-stress location, but diet plays an important part. What kind of diet is the question?

Sure, we all know about low carb/low sugar diets, but is that enough?

What if we could travel the world at will and visit the Blue Zones where people live well past 80 and into their 90s and 100s at an impressive rate? It is a trip around the world that proves a healthy diet is an important ingredient in the longevity formula.

Diets in the Blue Zones are not identical. What they eat in Sardinia, Italy, is different than what they eat in Loma Linda, Cali...

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