Emotional Outbursts Do Not Belong on the Golf Course or in the Office

Sometimes, golfers lose it on the golf course. They throw tantrums or golf clubs, in a way reminiscent of the manager who suddenly loses his or her temper. Such outbursts are wrong on the golf course and equally wrong in the business environment.
By Vincent Pane

The word “tantrum” is not usually used to describe adults, but sometimes it applies. Picture a professional golfer kicking a golf club or throwing a ball into a lake in a fit of frustration. The reaction of the crowd is seldom good. While people tend to expect fits of temper at the NASCAR races, golf is a game with a reputation for professional participant behavior. When a professional golfer – or any golfer for that matter – loses his or her temper on the golf course, it is unbecoming behavior that is recorded on video for posterity and tends to follow the golfer around from that point forward.

Emotional outbursts in the office have the same result. When a manager loses his or her temper,...

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