Finding Undisturbed Beauty on the Cornwall Peninsula

Ecotravelers looking for undisturbed beauty eschew the traditional tourist sites of England and head for the remote Cornwall Peninsula. There they find legends and undisturbed beauty that connects them to the past and nature.
By Pamela Grant

Say you are traveling to England for a vacation, and images of Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London dance in the head. Unless, of course, you are an ecotraveler. In that case, the destination is likely the Cornwall Peninsula where ancient historical sites speak of romantic legends and crowning hillsides give way to sweeping land that meets the sea.

Cornwall Peninsula is stunningly beautiful, firmly embedded in English history and folklore, and peaceful. Travel to the southwestern tip of England takes some planning, but the reward is the rediscovery of mermaids, Camelot and rugged scenery.

Like a Dream That Never Fades
Cornwall is one of those places that seems a bit like a dream. ...

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