Games in the Cloud Present Fresh Business to Smart Suppliers

The virtual reality universe opens new doors for suppliers. By understanding this “second world,” it’s possible to attract good attention and win fresh business.
By Karen White

Online gaming isn’t always thought of as a rich market for profits and marketing. But as more and more games move into the Cloud, doors are opening for independent and diverse suppliers, according to a 2016 report review from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In a space with double-digit annual growth rates, the playing field can be surprisingly level.

Of course, succeeding in the world of virtual reality and alternative gaming universes requires a certain understanding of the space. By learning the key drivers of growth and some of the big features of the Cloud-based world, suppliers can position themselves to attract more of the right kinds of attention and potentially win fresh business from key clients.

What makes Cloud-based gaming so attractive to businesses and...

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