Getting Social, Going Viral: What’s Working Right Now In 2017

The social media campaign that goes viral (in a good way) is a marketing dream come true. Here’s what the latest 2017 trends say to do to ensure an online advertising campaign is a viral winner.
By Karen White

The online world is a noisy place to make a big impression. With every moment of every day able to be captured and shared – or even live streamed – on social media, modern culture demands that a company stand out to attract attention. And nobody ever promised it would be easy.

There are still a few ways to gain an edge in today’s media landscape. Here is a deep dive into three of the top tips for a strong social media campaign in the second half of 2017 (and beyond). With all the fantastic new technologies and networks out there to leverage, these tips will help make the most of every available advertising dollar and more from every passing glance online.

Pro Tip #1: Share the Right Media on the Right Social Media PlatformRead full article or Subscribe