Golf and Business: Making a 'Green' Comeback

Sometimes quitting seems like the best course of action, but there are golfers who found a way to make a big comeback on the green and businesses that turned a red bottom line into green. These are stories about people and companies that never say, "Quit."
— By Vincent Pane

It can be difficult to admit defeat, especially when it means admitting a business should cease operations or should go into bankruptcy for an opportunity at reorganizing. It is just as difficult for a professional golfer, who has won championships in the past or is still chasing the first championship win, to decide it is time to call it quits.

Business leaders and professional golfers are true competitors with a strong desire to win and a deep reluctance to admit defeat. Yet, history has taught us that there are golfers and businesses that have struggled, experienced unexpected adversity, and repeatedly seen failure in one form or another, and still managed to make ...

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