Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Suppliers and Supply Chains

It is a world of opportunity in the supplier space as technology continues to get more sophisticated and immersive across industries. One of the most exciting set of opportunities is around the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve supply chain performance. AI has been used in supply chains now for several years, but as the technology is refined, its applications are rapidly expanding.

Back in 2016, the Supply Chain Management Future of Supply Chain Survey found that 47 percent of supply chain leaders believed artificial intelligence would be disruptive to supply chain management strategies. They were right. Today, AI is already used to predict supply and demand to better manage inventories, identify risks in logistics processes and make necessary adjustments, gather data across sources (social media, news feeds, weather forecasts, etc.), and predict customer behaviors. Predictive analytics is one of the rapidly growing areas of AI utilization because the algorit...

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