Implications of Canada's Legalization of Cannabis for the U.S.

In October 2019, Canada legalized cannabis by passing the Cannabis Act. By passing this law, it became the country with the largest legal marketplace for marijuana and only the second country in the world to legalize cannabis (Uruguay was first). The law was carefully crafted by a Canadian federal task force to anticipate and address the issues likely to arise. Canada has a similar governance structure to the U.S., with its governing bodies at the federal and provincial/territorial levels compared to the U.S. federal and state governments. The issues Canada addressed are likely to be similar issues the U.S. would face should the federal government eventually decide to legalize marijuana.

The situation now is that a large friendly country on the U.S. border has legalized marijuana, while the U.S. continues to struggle to find a reasonable national path for addressing cannabis. In the U.S., marijuana possession and use is illegal at the federal level and only legal in 33 U.S. ...

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