Innovative Suppliers See New Opportunities in Face of Brewing Trade War

President Donald Trump is a disruptor, and he has chosen to disrupt the global trade system. His intentions are probably good because he believes free trade with no tariffs is the way countries should operate and is using tariffs as triggers for change. It would be nice if pure competition without government interference determined business winners and losers. American businesses are innovators, capable of competing more successfully when not hindered by one-sided trade agreements that force them to pay an excessive amount of tariffs on imports or foreign tariffs that make their exports too expensive. Unfortunately, tariffs are deeply embedded in the global supply chain on imports and exports, and changes to the current system create the risk of a trade war.

Is there a trade war developing? The verdict is still out. Disrupting the global trade system has the potential to bring significant benefits to U.S. companies and equally has the potential to devastate others. So that...

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