Investing in New Zealand is a Business Breath of Fresh Air

New Zealand has everything a business could hope for in terms of political stability, an educated workforce and support for expansion. It also has a number of free trade agreements in place and a deep desire to expand its global footprint with the help of international investors.
By William Bell

Looking for a safe global location to set up new operations, or a country in need of imports from abroad, can be challenging today with so much volatility in governments and the environment. Selecting a global site to target for business expansion is one of the most important decisions a business can make today, so looking to New Zealand as a potential country for investing makes sense, especially when the goal is to minimize risks.

This lovely country has done everything possible to make it a place that business investors will find irresistible. They include a no. 1 ranking on the World Bank's list for "ease of doing business" and a host of other posit...

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