It Takes a Team in Sourcing and Supplier Diversity at United Rentals

At United Rentals strategic sourcing and supplier diversity are integrated processes. This team approach ensures inclusion is a core principle of supply chain management.
- By Betty Armstrong

United Rentals has achieved success by adhering to its values, which include a passion for people, community mindedness, and leading by example. Putting the values into action resulted in a company approach to sourcing and supplier diversity that is different than most. While many corporations have supplier diversity programs that are separate and distinct from the general sourcing process, United Rentals chose to combine the two so that inclusion became a core principle of all sourcing. By relying on senior sourcing professionals and their staff, United Rentals was able to focus on the seamless integration of sourcing and supplier diversity as a competitive strategy. Three people, who are part of a larger dynamic team, are key contributors...

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