Kellogg's Tracy Joshua Advances Supplier Diversity with Proactive Strategies

Kellogg Company is a recognized leader in Diversity & Inclusion, and that extends to its Procurement function and Supplier Diversity. Kellogg's Vice President, Indirect Procurement, Tracy Joshua offers some insights into the company’s success strategies.
By Valerie Gomez

Kellogg Company is one of the world's most recognized food companies with a brand portfolio including Pringles, Eggo and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. The company is also recognized for embracing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and integrating those core values across its business operations. Kellogg summarizes those efforts simply by stating, “Diversity strengthens us. Inclusion advances us.”

Tracy Joshua, Kellogg’s Vice President, Indirect Procurement and a W.K. Kellogg Values Award winner for Diversity and Inclusion – the company’s highest honor – offers her firsthand experience with Kellogg’s best-in-class Procurement organization which embraces Diversity and Inclusion and Supplier ...

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