Playing Offense in Golf and Business is a Winning Strategy

Some say that there is no such thing as playing defense in golf, meaning good offensive play is the only way to win. Is this a competitive perspective that businesses can benefit from adopting?
By Vincent Pane

Playing defense in football is an excellent strategy for preventing the other team from scoring, but football is not golf. Defensive football team players can chase down the offensive team’s players, tackle them to the ground, and sometimes walk away with the ball in a turnover.

Golfers do not have this privilege. There are no tackles or turnovers, so the best defense in golf is an offense – meaning the golfer should take the lead and defend that lead rather than try to chase a leader down.

In business, playing catch-up with competitors, a defensive move, is a difficult strategy to pursue because it means there is lost innovation and market share. So once again, the best defensive strategy is to consistently play offense.

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