Raw Fish? No Thanks, I'll Have Sushi!

Sushi has become a favorite food in the U.S., giving diners a taste of Japan. However, terms like sushi and sashimi are used interchangeably, when they are not the same thing. It is time for a brief history lesson.
By John Jacobs

Sometimes it seems like there is a new sushi restaurant opening up on every other corner in U.S. cities. It has become more than a food though. People who love to eat sushi are likely to give the impression they are sophisticated and worldly because many people refuse to eat "raw fish."

The problem with that refusal is that sushi does not refer to raw fish. In fact, sushi does not even need fish in it to be called sushi. Asking for sashimi instead is no help to the person who will not eat raw fish because sashimi is almost always made with some type of sea creature meat.

Sushi and sashimi are foods with a Japanese heritage, so it is time to learn some sushi and sashimi history and be prepared to order raw fish ...

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