Social Media + Marketing: Changing Boundaries Lead to New Forms of Collaboration Within and Across Organizational Structures

As social media permeates all parts of modern work culture, corporate communications and marketing are merging in new ways. Rather than being treated as an isolated mélange, the blending happening here carries important lessons for every part of the organization.
By Joshua Ferdinand

Boundaries in the business world used to mean bright lines between corporate functions and clear channels of communication across divisions. Then, seemingly overnight, everyone “got social” in their work. Not only was information flowing in new ways internally, but external customers began to expect new levels of integration between groups.

They also expected the businesses and vendors they supported to have more of an active personality. Companies had to be known, liked, and trusted to make sales, showing up as a social media friend and being present in new ways. But, as marketing departments adapted to their new status as more of a social presence in customers’ live...

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