Succession Planning and Dreams

'You’ll own it all. All of it. You’ll be free. Money is freedom, Macon. The only real freedom there is.' Toni Morrison from the Song of Solomon
— by Dr. Fred McKinney, Ph.D.

It is not the main theme of the classic Toni Morrison novel, but it is part of story that resonates with every founder of a business. Macon Dead, Jr. is speaking to Macon Dead 3rd (aka Milkman), trying to convince him to show real interest in taking over the real estate business he established from scratch, and now is a profitable enterprise. However, Milkman has little interest in pursuing his father’s business, a business that was created by the need to survive and thrive in a world of racial segregation and discrimination. The world has not changed so much that for a young black man, need not be concerned about his financial future. But the son’s dream is different from the father’s dream.

I have heard this story often when talking to diverse business owners...

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