Supplier Diversity is in the DNA of the PSEG Organization

It is one thing to institute a Supplier Diversity program. It is another to embed it in the organization's DNA so that everyone embraces it as a critical factor for success.
By Valerie Gomez

"PSEG is a community focused company," says Susan Hogan, "so we view supplier diversity as a strategic supplier initiative that builds community wealth." As the Supplier Diversity Manager for the Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG), she brought decades of supply chain management experience to PSEG's Supplier Diversity Program and uses her knowledge and passion for diversity to connect with, mentor, and coach diverse suppliers. The gem of her efforts at PSEG, made possible by Susan's skillful planning abilities, is the Supplier Diversity Procurement Fair that is held three times each year in Newark, NJ, Long Island, NY, and Salem, NJ. The events are popular with PSEG procurement professionals, diverse suppliers, PSEG prime suppliers and a variety of corporati...

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