The Promise of 5G is Lightening Fast Wireless Technology

The tech movers and shakers are working on the next generation of wireless technology called 5G. It is a tantalizing promise of lightning fast processing speeds that will trigger a tsunami of technology advances.
By Karen White

Fifth generation (5G) connectivity is the future, and the future could arrive in full force as early as the year 2020. In the present, 5G networks are about to be launched in select cities, beginning a new avalanche of technological advances. When 5G connectivity becomes a full reality, it will become a catalyst for enhanced virtual reality capabilities, smart manufacturing, smart cities, and expanded implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The possibilities are endless for improving the lives of people in their homes, workplaces, cities and regions. 5G also opens up new supplier opportunities and will surely spark innovative startups, becoming an economic generator.

5G is the hot topic at tech conferences,...

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