Thinking Beyond Utilities to Find Supplier Opportunities in the Energy Industry

Say "energy industry" and it's natural to first think of energy sources like gas and solar. Yet, there are supplier opportunities beyond supplying resources, and they include almost anything a supplier can think of from fencing to post-disaster emergency services.
By Donna Benjamin

The size of the energy market is enormous, especially when everything is taken into account. Fossil fuels and alternative energy sources are powering homes and businesses, and news reports and market analyses closely track the shift from the former to the latter. It is only natural to think of the energy industry from the perspective of supplying oil, gas, and coal or alternative energy sources that produce energy which is resold to consumers as carbon credits. However, energy companies need a lot more than just sources of energy, so they usually have a long list of procurement opportunities for equipment, supplies, and services. At the same time, the industry continues to und...

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