Through Ancient Eyes: Bulgaria Protects its Culture and Natural Beauty

Through decades of turmoil, Bulgaria managed to preserve its culture and natural environment. Leave the big cities behind and head for the rural areas to find the ultimate eco-traveler's experience.
— by Pamela Grant

For centuries, Bulgaria experienced a seemingly endless series of invasions, conquerings, rebellions and periods of isolation from the world, all capped by 40 years of Soviet domination. As a testament to the indomitable spirit of Bulgarians, it is now the Republic of Bulgaria and a member of the European Union.

Its history is filled with stories of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union, until finally a new constitution proclaimed Bulgaria a parliamentary republic. Joining the European Union in 2007, the light shining on this remarkable country is growing brighter, revealing the full extent of the Bulgarian devotion to protecting its cultural and natural treasures.

1.4 Million Years...

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