Turning Content Channels Into Cash: How Minority Suppliers Can Use Dedicated Content Channels to Raise Awareness, Grow Their Reputations and Boost Sales

For smart suppliers in 2017, content channel marketing has the potential to unlock new opportunities to connect with existing customers and convert fresh prospects to buyers.
By Dave Desouza

For minority suppliers, maintaining strong relationships with both current customers and fresh prospects is a challenge. Continual outreach – cold calling, mail drops, or ad campaigns – is expensive and time consuming, with results that can be disappointing and hard to measure. Luckily, there is another option available.

What’s this magic option? Content marketing on a dedicated channel.

If that sounds unusual, it shouldn’t. It’s merely a new twist in an old tradition. Content marketing has always meant providing useful information to buyers and prospects as a means of winning their trust (and future business). And, with YouTube’s dedicated content channels available for free to businesses of all sizes, there’s a new opportunity available. By unders...

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