Weird Food may not be so Weird from a Global Perspective

Weird food exists, but defining what is weird and what is ordinary depends on a cultural perspective. From insects to processed cheese, a trip around the world via weird food promises to deliver the savory unexpected.
By John Jacobs

One person's food is another person's food to avoid. That describes the wide world of food because people eat food called unusual and interesting in one country and unappetizing in another. It really does not matter which country you choose. Close your eyes and blindly point to a spot on a map, and you will find a food culture that savors silkworm larvae or haggis or spray cheese in a can.

It is an interesting world for the true foodie because an adventure awaits in every kitchen and at every dining room and restaurant table. Let us take a trip via the plate and check out some of the foods that international travelers are likely to find odd.

Loving Cheese … No Matter Where it Comes From

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