Global Council for the Advancement of Women in Procurement Announces Leadership Team

The Global Council for the Advancement of Women in Procurement (“GCAWP”), a group committed to providing an information exchange, discussion forum, and a voice for all women involved in the professions of procurement, sourcing and supply chain announce their GCAWP executive board.

“I am honored to be in this company. We have an amazing group of women from diverse backgrounds, industries and geographic locations,” says Jamie Crump, Executive Director. “We are all focused on and passionate about providing mentorship and facilitating change for women in supply chain on a global basis.”

Currently, the group exists on a LinkedIn page. Plans are underway to expand the offering, so stay tuned. “We want everyone to be part of this conversation,” says Crump. “This is not a women-only group, we hope that everyone will join in.” The group is open to anyone who is interested in the objectives and the profession. If you would like to join in on the conversation you can join at:

GCAWP Executive Board

Susan Avery

Kathy Hinton

Leigh Barbeau

Nancy Jorgensen

Kelly Barner

Lula Kosanic

Quave Burton

Carina Kuhl

Emma Chontos

Stephanie Lapierre

Linda Chuan

Nila LaVanaway Charles

Lourdes Coss

Trupti Marshall

Jamie Crump

Joanna Martinez

Michaela Dempsey

Hailey McKeefry

Carla Di Castro

Eva Milko-Sutton

Rose-Kelly Falls

Caroline Norman

Alisa Fifield

Mercedes Romero

Maria Frangeleki

Karyn Sanchez Cannon

Marcheta Gillespie

Tania Seary

Danielle Hao

Donna Wilczek