ProEquities Launches Comprehensive Practice Management Platform With Women's Networking Forum And Millennial Leaders Study Group

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-- ProEquities, Inc., an independent RIA and a broker/dealer,announced the rollout of its Practice Management Group, a comprehensive practice management platform designed to accelerate growth for independent financial advisors in the new fiduciary era.

"The ProEquities Practice Management Group will provide our advisors with comprehensive resources and practical strategies for business growth by executing a 360-degree approach between the home office and the advisor community as we develop our offerings," said Chris Flint, President and CEO of ProEquities. "Gone are the days where traditional practice management programs relying on top-down information flows provided meaningful support to independent advisors. Instead, our Practice Management Group harnesses the power of advisory boards among advisors to create a steady source of insights and business intelligence that keeps our advisors well-informed, while enabling our firm to equip them with the capabilities that can best drive their success and the success of their clients."

Mr. Flint continued, "As a firm that enjoys the backing of a well-resourced parent company in Protective Life Corporation, we recognize the importance of assets such as technology, home office expertise and access to top-tier third-party solutions providers. But rather than a finish line, we see these assets as a catalyst for a new firmwide approach to practice management that will drive added value for our advisors."

As part of the launch of its Practice Management Group, ProEquities also announced the formation of the Women's Networking Forum and the Millennial Leaders Study Group. These two peer coaching and mentoring groups recognize the significant role women and millennials have in determining the future of our industry, both in refreshing the aging advisor ranks with top professional talent and, as end clients, opening doors to this market sector.

Key highlights of the two newly launched groups include:

The Women's Networking Forum is a group comprised of almost 100 advisors from across the firm's community of financial advisors. The group offers a forum, both in-person and virtual, to discuss a wide range of practice management topics – such as client acquisition, retention, and succession planning – with an emphasis on providing information particularly relevant to female advisors, whether they are just starting out or are longtime industry veterans.

The Millennial Leaders Study Group encompasses licensed advisors age 25+ years old, who are affiliated with industry veterans partnered with ProEquities. A chair for this group will work to boost the industry knowledge of its members and offer insights into professional networking and prospecting. Peer-to-peer networking calls and monthly subject matter expert-led professional development webinars will supplement an in-person session at the ProEquities annual APEX conference.

In a related development, ProEquities has appointed Cristi Meyers to spearhead the further growth and development of the Practice Management Group. Ms. Meyers brings a wealth of experience from previous roles in operations, compliance, recruiting, strategic planning and her most recent role where she served as an in-house consultant to advisors to increase assets, revenues, and efficiency.

Among her responsibilities, Meyers will identify emerging best practices from these peer coaching groups and develop an information conduit that links these groups with the broader ProEquities advisor community. This will benefit all advisors interested in learning how to best engage with millennial advisors and clients, as well as women investors of all ages.

"ProEquities is aligning financial resources, intellectual capital and technology to create a practice management platform that eclipses existing offerings within the independent financial advice space," Mr. Flint continued. "We're very excited about how our peer coaching groups can engage with and promote the professional success of millennial and women advisors. Just as importantly, we see enormous potential in having our peer coaching groups serve as the nucleus of an internal think tank for our community of advisors, introducing fresh ideas and strategies they can use to grow their businesses more effectively in these market niches."

ProEquities is also in the process of rolling out other deliverables that make up the Group's core offering, including a comprehensive business coaching program that will allow advisors to better adapt to the fiduciary environment, as well as advisory boards for top advisors and sales assistants.