AT&T Selects Managed CPE Domain Supplier

DALLAS, TX-AT&T announced the selection of HUMAX AMERICAS as one of its Domain Suppliers for the Managed Consumer Premise Equipment for AT&T’s video and broadband businesses.

HUMAX AMERICAS joins the pool of Domain Suppliers that support AT&T in its ongoing efforts to innovate and invest in the next-generation broadband and entertainment experience for consumers and businesses. The selection was based on HUMAX AMERICA’s ability to support AT&T’s roadmap with rapid innovation, forward-looking business models, and effective cost structure to deliver enhanced customer value.

AT&T’s Domain Supplier program, launched in September 2009, facilitates a collaborative relationship with AT&T’s equipment and software suppliers, enabling AT&T to optimize its Supply Chain practices and deliver constantly improving technologies to serve its customers. The program focuses on technology investments that will accelerate AT&T’s efforts to deliver the best customer experience.