Trends Show Rising Opportunities for Women to Go into STEM Fields

Urbandale, Iowa - The world is changing, and those prospering in STEM careers are leading the way. So why aren't more girls jumping at the chance to get a foot in the field that offers incredible potential for growth and opportunity? Today, women still dominate the traditional "female" fields such as nursing, teaching, and secretarial work, while only 28% of those in STEM fields are comprised of women.

However, if you ask a girl in elementary school what her favorite subject is, she is likely to say math or science, and girls perform just as well as boys do in those subjects on standardized tests. Studies show girls are 13% likely to take advanced science, whereas boys are only 10% likely to take the advanced courses. So, again, we ask why are less girls choosing majors like engineering and computer science?

Perhaps encouragement from their mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and so on, makes a huge difference. Have a math whiz at home? What about a science guru? If your daughter is at a crossroads and is not entirely sure of what major to pick, it’s time to talk to her about the powerful opportunities ahead in STEM studies. So, just what are STEM studies?

STEM studies stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. And there are many branches of STEM fields today - engineering alone has over 40 types of degrees! Just to name a few, there's mechanical, electrical, computer, and chemical engineering, but with so many options, your friend, daughter, or granddaughter is sure to find one that suits her style, strengths, and interests. Other STEM degrees include life sciences, computer programming, animal sciences, accounting, statistics, architecture, and aerospace, and the list goes on.

So, why should women embrace the STEM fields? As mentioned before, recent trends are showing that STEM careers offer limitless potential, as well as highly competitive salaries. A STEM career offers a salary of $66,123+, whereas other degrees’ average salaries start at only $52,299. Although tempting, that's not the only reason to go into STEM. Fields like mechanical engineering and aerospace offer a lifelong challenge that any girl can handle. And one of the single best reasons to enter a field like engineering is because of this challenge; engineers enjoy "tinkering" around and finding solutions to problems some would deem impossible. The joy is in the creative challenge.

If your daughter likes making a difference in the world, STEM studies could be the answer. The world saw this with 29-year-old Katie Bouman, a computer scientist who works for NASA when the first glimpse of a black hole was achieved and shared with the world. Today, STEM studies are pushing the boundaries of what everyone previously thought was unattainable.

Because STEM studies are constantly advancing the world and breaking into the next century, the opportunities and possibilities are truly endless, and women should be at the forefront of all of this. Choosing a STEM career means your daughter will never grow bored or feel static in her career; there will always be something new, something groundbreaking, and something to look forward to professionally.

Lastly, the high demand for STEM jobs is trending up; this means your daughter or loved one will never have a shortage of jobs and opportunities at her fingertips. With so many professions on the brink of extinction, many young college students today feel unsure of their future job security, but with a STEM career, they will never have to fear job opportunity or security. Because the STEM fields are constantly evolving and pushing society further into the future, there will always be a new and increasing need or demand for those professionals entering the STEMS fields. A word to the wise for all those looking to the future, choosing a field that constantly generates new opportunities is important, because the job pool will never run dry. At such an exciting and developmental point in the world, a STEM career offers women a place to grow, thrive, and succeed, exactly as they deserve.

Source: BioSpace