2018 TOP 30 Champions of Diversity
TOP 30

Scott Vowels
Didi Anekwe

Supplier Diversity Consultant
Nationwide Corporation

Nationwide's Didi Anekwe Drives Strategic Inclusion of Diverse Suppliers

Didi Anekwe, Supplier Diversity Consultant at Nationwide has seen a growth in diverse supplier RFP/RFI inclusion of 300 percent from 2012 to 2016. Didi , initiated a number of proactive strategies to grow the supplier diversity program. They include focusing on internal collaboration with organizational decision-makers to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion. This is an important strategy for achieving economic impact internally and externally.

Didi's success in driving diversity change was built on a foundation of several key strategies. One is the collaborative process that embeds strategic sourcing throughout the organization. Another is to hold non-diverse and diverse suppliers accountable for results on an equal basis, giving diverse suppliers equal status in the eyes of procurement and business professionals. Didi has also driven an aggressive Tier 2 program with mandatory quarterly reports and ensures organizational leaders are active at third-party supplier diversity events. Yet another strategy is to offer professional development and mentorship opportunities for diverse suppliers.

Favorite Quote:
“Supplier diversity is not a charity. It is an economic development proposition that empowers our communities.” – Didi Anekwe