2018 TOP 30 Champions of Diversity
TOP 30

Scott Vowels
Fernando Ronderos

Supplier Diversity Manager

Fernando Ronderos at Tenneco Develops Quality Supplier Diversity Program

As the Supplier Diversity Manager at Tenneco, Fernando Ronderos works with the organization's managers to increase utilization of diverse suppliers. His efforts have led to Tenneco receiving recognition for its supplier diversity process from major companies including Toyota, Fiat, Chrysler Automotive, General Motors, and Ford. In presentations to internal stakeholders, he presented a business case for supplier diversity which demonstrated better access and greater understanding of new markets, ability to develop innovative products and services, better growth management, and better ability to meet customer needs.

To develop a high–quality and robust supplier diversity program, Fernando implemented a number of key best practices. They include counseling suppliers in need of improvements to improve competitiveness; assisting suppliers with capacity building through partnerships, strategic alliances, and joint ventures; socializing world-class diverse suppliers to the industry so they get more business with Tenneco's customers and Tenneco minimizes supply chain risks; and aligning supplier diversity with global sourcing. Fernando also works with diverse suppliers to help them become strategic suppliers and creates partnership opportunities for non-traditional Tenneco spend categories.

Favorite Quote:
“Supplier diversity is not about quantity. It is about quality. It is more important tohave qualified diverse suppliers in the supply chain because, if they are ready with capacity and capabilities, you can increase diversity spend.” – Fernando Ronderos