Scott Vowels
Byron Witherspoon

Managing Executive, Supplier Diversity

Byron Witherspoon Brings Expertise to Ameren's Supplier Diversity Program

Byron Witherspoon, Managing Executive, Supplier Diversity at Ameren, brought extensive experience in designing, launching and directing supplier diversity programs. His high–level expertise was developed at places like the U.S. Department of Transportation, the St. Louis Regional Public Transit Provider-Metro and the Missouri Department of Transportation. At Ameren, Witherspoon developed and implemented a scholarship program for diverse suppliers to attend Minority Business Executive programs, so they can grow their footprint within Ameren and increase employment of local community members. He executes on three core principles which are access, development and sustainability.

The success of the Ameren Supplier Diversity Program is due to the successful execution of several strategies. Witherspoon collaborates with the Corporate Supplier Diversity Leadership Council to ensure alignment, stakeholder engagement and accountability for achieving supplier diversity goals. He also enables business partner engagement meetings that provide opportunities for diverse companies to conduct supplier presentations to the business segments in Ameren. Annually, two to three scholarships are awarded to diverse suppliers to attend the Tuck Minority Executive Business Education series at Dartmouth College.

Favorite Quote:
..."Keep "chipping away" at the wall and overtime you will accomplish what you set out to do regardless of what others say and what the reality appears to be. — The Shawshank Redemption