Scott Vowels
Fred Lona

Senior Director, Supplier Diversity & Performance Management

Fred Lona Develops Hilton's Award Winning Supplier Diversity Program

Under the leadership of Fred Lona as the Senior Director, Supplier Diversity and Performance Management for Hilton, the company's supplier diversity program has earned numerous awards, reflecting Lona's efforts to build a program that benefits the community and suppliers. His strategy to attract diverse suppliers includes proactively providing suppliers with hospitality industry and procurement information, supplier criteria, description of needed skill sets, networking events, and supplier scholarships. The goal is to ensure that diverse suppliers have information specific to Hilton, but within context of the hospitality industry, to assist them with becoming qualified partners with other major corporations.

Driving change is a process, and Lona supports that process by raising consistent internal awareness of supplier diversity and the impact of organizational change on diversity in general. He regularly communicates the value, success and potential assistance that diversity provides the organization. Lona adapts the supplier diversity program as needed to ensure its continued relevancy and value. He has put processes in place to measure supplier performance to ensure the supplier diversity program remains flexible, productive and successful.

Favorite Quote:
"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. " - John F. Kennedy