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Gary Joseph

Chief Executive Officer

SASDC's Gary Joseph Gives Visibility to Value of Supplier Diversity

Gary Joseph, the Chief Executive Officer of the South African Supplier Diversity Council (SASDC), led the organization's 2011 formation, which is modelled on the U.S.-based National Minority Supplier Development Council. SASDC is now one of five affiliate Global Link Council members of the NMSDC. Under Joseph's leadership, the SASDC has developed significant influence as an advocate for sustainable supplier diversity through targeted procurement reforms, educating the corporate sector on the business case for supplier diversity. Joseph also links small businesses with corporate customers. His efforts are designed to drive supplier diversity as a supply chain strategy within the ever-changing context of South Africa's business environment.

Through his experience, Joseph came to believe that supplier diversity is greatly undervalued as a business success factor. He helps South African businesses grow and expand by bringing sellers and buyers together in recognition of the importance of relationship building. Joseph wants SASDC to become a disruptor in the transformation space because the status quo is not bringing desired socio-economic improvements.

Favorite Quote:
“Through Difference, Diversity Delivers Value.” - Gary Joseph