Scott Vowels
Hector Martinez

Vice President, Supplier Diversity
U.S. Bank

Hector Martinez at U.S. Bank Builds Sustainable Diverse Procurement

Hector Martinez is the Vice President of Supplier Diversity at U.S. Bank, and his focus is on building a sustainable diverse procurement program. His greatest achievement to date is growing diversity spend to almost half a billion dollars in 2017. This accomplishment is particularly notable because financial firms are being prompted to reduce the number of total vendors, but U.S. Bank maintained 90 percent of its diverse vendor count. The fact that 90 percent of diversity spend is with Tier 1 suppliers proves the organization has embraced supplier diversity as a way of doing business.

Martinez regularly communicates the value proposition of supplier diversity by demonstrating how it strengthens the institutional brand, increases customer exposure, drives cost reductions and increases innovation. To ensure the supplier diversity program is embraced organization-wide, Martinez gained the support of top executives in each business line. The executive steering committee and the supplier diversity task force review the supplier diversity team's performance and sets progressive goals each year.

Favorite Quote:
"Everbody can be great…because anybody can serve." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.