Scott Vowels
Mammie Price

Manager, Supplier Strategy

SCANA's Mammie Price Uses Education as Path to Supplier Diversity Growth

As the Manager of Supplier Strategy for SCANA Corp., Mammie Price has many achievements that reflect the success of the supplier diversity program. SCANA regularly meets and exceeds small business goals because supplier diversity is a company-wide process where key leadership takes ownership and helps with program growth. Key leaders throughout the company are on the supplier diversity advisory committee, demonstrating the top–down support for the diversity strategies. Price focuses on keeping key personnel abreast of federal regulations concerning subcontracting responsibility for small diverse businesses.

Price continuously communicates the value of using a more diverse pool of suppliers that includes increased competition, higher levels of personalized services, and more flexibility which directly benefits SCANA, subsidiaries, and customers. She believes there are three words that define the best way to grow supplier diversity. They are, "Educate, Educate, Educate." She has the full support of top managers, tracks and measures goal accomplishments, and distributes monthly reports to key leadership that details spend. Price regularly communicates supplier diversity progress with the company's managers via video.

Favorite Quote:
“Supplier diversity may be the hardest thing for a business environment to adapt to and perhaps the most dangerous thing for it to be without” this is why a supplier diversity program is key to helping all businesses be successful.”
- Mammie Price