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Sheila Dews-Johnson

Director of Supplier Diversity & Supplier Sustainability

Sheila Dews-Johnson Advances Global Supplier Diversity at McCormick

Sheila Dews-Johnson, the Director of Supplier Diversity and Supplier Sustainability for McCormick & Company, Inc., oversees a successful supplier diversity program that has grown through her development and implementation of inclusion strategies. Dews-Johnson first gained top–down support and enhanced program visibility. Category managers are now held accountable for utilization of diverse suppliers as part of the overall global procurement strategy as the program expands globally. Dews-Johnson is a change agent, picking and prioritizing her focus areas, staying the course, and expressing her passion for diversity.

To expand the supplier diversity program, Dews-Johnson recommends and utilizes best practices. One strategy is to leverage networks for advice and industry best practices. Another strategy she uses is building relationships inside and outside the organization. Dews-Johnson keeps her focus on what is impactful and important to the supplier diversity program. Diverse suppliers are coached on the organization's culture and structure to help them successfully do business with McCormick & Co. Dews-Johnson applies the same principles to advancing global supplier social sustainability and responsible sourcing initiatives.

Favorite Quote:
“Be the Change You Want to See…”
- Mahatma Gandhi