Scott Vowels
Susannah Raheb

Corporate Supplier Diversity Leader
Lockheed Martin

Susannah Raheb Develops Excellence in Supplier Diversity at Lockheed Martin

Susannah Raheb, the Corporate Supplier Diversity Leader of Lockheed Martin, develops and implements the initiatives that fulfill the commitment the organization made to actively recruit and utilize small and diverse businesses. Small and diverse businesses are considered key strategic partners that support some of Lockheed Martin's most significant programs and are considered a major source of innovation and solutions to the complex challenges Lockheed Martin must overcome in order to meet customer needs. Raheb strives for excellence in supplier diversity, demonstrated by the awarding of $4.4 billion to over 8,900 small businesses last year. The company also implemented the SBA's SupplierPay Initiative commitment and provides prompt payment to small businesses.

Included in Raheb's responsibilities are developing subcontracting and partnering initiatives, compliance and reporting activities, managing the operations of the supplier diversity function, and community outreach. Raheb is on numerous professional boards and committees of diversity and economic advocacy organizations.

Favorite Quote:
"Lockheed Martin never forgets who we are working for” is our corporate slogan. Within Lockheed Martin's Supplier Diversity Program, “we never forget who we advocate for, that of the US Small Business Community."
- Calvin Coolidge