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Tiffany Garrett

Sourcing Analyst

AmeriHealth Caritas' Tiffany Garrett Helps Diverse Suppliers Succeed

Tiffany Garrett is the sourcing analyst for AmeriHealth Caritas, and she has been instrumental in developing partnerships with suppliers and watching suppliers integrate the AmeriHealth Caritas mission of service to communities into their business cultures. She feels privileged to have a position where she can help diverse suppliers take advantage of opportunities. Garrett utilizes a number of best practices that include meeting with her team members to drive an increase in diverse supplier spend and supplier capacity. She oversees a variety of strategies to remove obstacles that diverse suppliers commonly encounter, including offering financial sponsorship to suppliers seeking certification. Garrett coaches suppliers, provides honest feedback, and internally, engages and educates organizational partners and sponsors on the value of supplier diversity.

Key best practices have enabled Garrett and her team to develop strength in a diverse supply chain. She names the primary practices as executive support; regular reporting to the board of executives, managers, and affiliates; giving recognition to top suppliers; developing partnerships with certifying organizations and community advocates; setting goals and holding managers accountable; and participating in matchmaking ceremonies.

Favorite Quote:
“Anyone who has ever been able to sustain good work has had at least one person—and often many—who have believed in him or her. We just don't get to be competent human beings without a lot of different investments from others.” - Fred Rogers