Exelon Foundation Surprise Seven Female STEM Students with Full Ride College Scholarships

Exelon will pay all of their costs associated with college, including tuition, room and board and all other expenses that aren’t covered by other confirmed scholarships, family contributions and work-study grants. The total value of the seven scholarships is about $1 million.

The Exelon STEM Leadership Academy is a free, week-long experience for teen girls ages 16-19 from diverse and low-income communities held each summer in the Washington, D.C. metro region, Chicago and Philadelphia. The STEM Leadership Academy Scholarship is designed to be a supportive and clear pathway from student engagement in the academy to entry into the energy workforce, ideally as an Exelon employee. The newly launched scholarship was made available to STEM Leadership Academy alumnae who are graduating from high school in 2021 or who have already begun their post-secondary education at a two- or four-year educational institution.

This year’s seven scholarship recipients, each of whom attended an Exelon STEM Leadership Academy, had applied for the scholarship but had no idea that it was a full ride.

“These scholarships are going to enable you to attend college debt-free, and it’s not just a commitment for one year. We promise to stand by you for your whole time at college,” Chris Crane, president and CEO, Exelon, told the students. “As a company, we are committed to give back to the communities we serve, so being able to help you young women, who are going to go out and change the world, is very important to us.”

Some of the students have already decided where they plan to attend college, while some are still deciding. The hope is that this scholarship will give the students the financial flexibility to study at the college of their choice.

“The journey I have had thus far with Exelon Corporation through the Exelon STEM Academy has been life changing,” said 2021 Exelon Foundation STEM Academy Scholarship recipient AsataMander. “It reaffirms my desire to be a member of a company that is forward-thinking and willing to invest in future scientists and engineers.”