2022 Top 25 Leaders in Supplier Inclusion, DEI Named

Jodi Brockington Founds NIARA Consulting to Find DEI Space for Organizations

Jodi Brockington is the Founder & Lead Consultant of NIARA Consulting. She was previously the Director of Diversity & Inclusion Sourcing for the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation and has years of consulting experience in the D&I space. Brockington embodies the term “multi-hyphenate,” and creates seamless and authentic interactions within the workplace, marketplace, and community. She truly enjoys connecting people as her professional expertise lies within the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) space. An entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, she has represented, coached, and advised leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals helping them launch, manage and develop their business. She is a champion of investing in the workforce of the future, driving evolution, implementing effective and sustainable business strategies while consistently delivering tangible outcomes.

Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor is BLENDiD, a real-time information platform enabling people with biracial and multiracial backgrounds everywhere to connect through personalized content and community. In her spare time, Jodi is an author, speaker, traveler and fitness enthusiast.

  • Favorite Quote: “Getting it right will NEVER be about checking a box. Let's remove them COMPLETELY to give everyone the space they need to be seen, heard and valued.” — Jodi Brockington