Cynithea Reeder Pursues Equity Through Entrepreneurship at EY

Cynithea (Nit) Reeder is the EY Americas Markets Communication Leader- and Entrepreneurs Access Network Program Director. She co-created and leads the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network (EAN), a program dedicated to supporting Black and Latino-owned businesses. From this experience, she has embraced best practices that specifically target and address the unique challenges faced by underrepresented entrepreneurs to eliminate barriers to networking, education, and access to capital. Nit facilitates access to broader networks and funding opportunities. The cornerstone of EAN is a comprehensive mentoring and education framework and there is a strategic emphasis on certification and alignment with procurement teams to open new business opportunities.

In response to rapid technological and social changes, Nit leverages existing technologies to benefit EAN, while continuously exploring innovative ways to enhance supplier visibility and operational efficiency. She adapted a client tool to create an online directory for the EAN as a strategic platform to showcase diverse industries and geographic locations of its cohorts. Nit’s dedication and passion for equity through entrepreneurship fuel her efforts to assist suppliers with accessing the various technology solutions and resources to help them scale.

Favorite Quote: To pave the way for the future, we must clear the paths of the past. -Albert Smith