2021 Top 15 Women in Power Expand the Vision of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Holli Turner Takes Humana’s Supplier Diversity Program to High Level

Holli Turner, Director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Initiatives for Humana, Inc., has extensive experience in high-level diversity, operational and sales leadership with progressive organizations. She utilizes several strategies that have developed and sustained a successful supplier diversity program, including understanding baseline data to pinpoint areas of growth opportunities to meet business needs. Turner helps grow diverse and small businesses through coaching, mentoring, and executive sponsorship; identifying procurement opportunities that drive innovation and improve quality; and providing internal training to increase understanding of supplier diversity as a smart business decision.

With the top-down support of the chief procurement officer and chief diversity officer, Turner developed the Humana Supplier Diversity Mentor Protégé Program. This in-house program engages senior-level leadership in the growth and development of current and potential diverse suppliers. She is energized when she sees communities economically improving due to the success of diverse and small businesses. Turner is passionate about learning, mentoring and community, and she has tirelessly served a variety of organizations, including the WBEC Ohio River Valley Advisory Board and as a program chair.

  • Favorite Quote: “I am an operationally savvy, visionary passionate about building up individuals, businesses, and communities. Some call this Transformational Change.” — Holli Turner