2021 Top 15 Women in Power Expand the Vision of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

CDW’s Kristin Malek Addresses Big Picture of Diversity in Business & Society

Kristin Malek is the Director of Business Diversity at CDW. Her focus is on growing diversity, equity and inclusion with Business Diversity as a means of achieving broad goals that include a fairer distribution of social and economic growth in underrepresented and underutilized population segments. Kristin deeply believes DEI can drive real change at scale, and thus it can become ingrained in the way people live and do business. Kristin points to CDW’s DEI progress as a long-term trend, because the commitment to diversity is an intentional business solution with top-down support.

Kristin sees her role as a means of addressing issues of injustice and equal opportunity to bring positive change. Offering growth opportunities for diverse owned companies has a multiplier effect on job creation and increased wages, and boosts local economies. Change in society and business is made possible by helping small and minority-owned firms succeed so employees, suppliers, and communities prosper. Kristin includes CDW customers in the strategy to help them meet diversity goals, enjoy innovation, and bolster supply chains against disruption.

  • Favorite Quote: “There are two ways to live life, be present or participate. I chose to participate in the change I want to see.” — Kristin Malek