2021 Top 15 Women in Power Expand the Vision of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Marie O’Malley Leaves a Supplier Diversity Program Legacy at Medtronic

Retired as of February 2021 from her position as Senior Director of Supplier Outreach at Medtronic, Marie O’Malley leaves a legacy of growth in supplier diversity and responsible supply management. One of her key approaches to success was regular communication about the benefits of a diverse supply chain to internal stakeholders, decision makers and the executive teams. O’Malley links supplier diversity to customers and internal and external stakeholders which increases buy-in and creates a broad network of supplier diversity champions.

The support of supplier diversity at the executive level, along with a team of resources dedicated to developing and executing a robust supplier diversity program, has been an essential ingredient for success, according to O’Malley. She is proud of the positive outcomes generated by a rich supplier diversity program, and the outcomes became a strong motivation for increasing the inclusion of diverse suppliers in new opportunities. O’Malley saw diverse suppliers bring Medtronic innovation, exceptional service, and value in customer services and products. Under her leadership, Medtronic was recognized twice as a top corporation supporting women-owned businesses.

  • Favorite Quote: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are your doing for others’?” — Martin Luther King, Jr.