2022 Top 25 Leaders in Supplier Inclusion, DEI Named

Dee Knopp Innovates in the D&I Space at Diversity Alliance for Science

Dee Knopp is the Executive Director for Diversity Alliance for Science and is building a strong D&I culture by defining goals with the Board of Directors, adhering to the mission, and securing a commitment from the organization to continually raise awareness of how the organization can assist procurement professionals working for member organizations in identifying diverse suppliers. Dee continually develops new programming for members, such as Elevate Black and the Merck-Drexel Advanced Leadership Program for Diverse Suppliers. She also focuses on social responsibility.

Asked what inspires her to keep forward progress in the D&I space, Dee said she believes an inclusive, diverse team brings a variety of perspectives that result in good leadership and better decision making, leading to productivity, growth, and improved performance. She has come to learn that “pushing the envelope” means testing limits and trying out new, often innovative ideas. As the organization’s leader, she uses a top-down approach that includes leadership development, training, social responsibility initiatives, programs linking diversity to business spend goals, and culture-change initiatives.

  • Favorite Quote: “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring. Diversity creates dimension in the world. Diversity is strength!” — Dee Knopp