2022 Top 25 Leaders in Supplier Inclusion, DEI Named

Donna Ruff Develops Transparent SD Program at MUFG Union Bank

Donna Ruff, Director of Supplier Diversity & Development at MUFG Union Bank believes transparency, commitment, and definition are crucial to a successful Supplier Diversity Program. Transparency means suppliers have a clear understanding of both the products/services that clients need, and also of the contracting process. Commitment starts at the top, leading to the identification of diversity champions who raise awareness and identify opportunities to educate the business on the benefits of a diverse supply chain. Definition is the defining of actionable goals and processes of the program, so it holds the company accountable to its commitments.

MUFG Union Bank has a community service action plan supporting the Supplier Diversity Program, empowering Donna through accountability for systemic and collaborative solutions toward inclusivity. She is inspired by the belief that diversity and inclusion could become second nature to businesses. Donna has sat on the same side of the table as diverse suppliers, gaining a perspective that enables her to be a stronger advocate for diverse businesses, as well as being better able to communicate with them. She is very proud to have received the WRMSDC MBEIC’s People’s Choice Award, and most recently, WRMSDC's 2022 Supplier Diversity Leader of the Year.